Auckland FC appoint Cam Kilgour as Team Manager

Auckland FC is thrilled to announce the appointment of Cam Kilgour as the club’s Team Manager.

Kilgour’s extensive career means he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Auckland FC. He’s spent over 20 years in professional and amateur rugby management, contributing to renowned teams such as the Auckland Blues, Canterbury, the Cook Islands, and Germany.

A significant highlight of Kilgour’s career is his impactful tenure with the Cook Islands, where he played a crucial role in the team’s logistics, organising kit, travel and ensuring smooth operations on and off the field.

Kilgour’s experience with the Cook Islands reflects his dedication, resourcefulness, and expertise; attributes that he now brings to Auckland FC.

Originally from Auckland, Kilgour returns to his roots after over two years with the Manawatu Turbo’s Rugby Team.

His homecoming is met with great enthusiasm, from Auckland FC. His seasoned leadership and comprehensive understanding of team logistics will take Auckland FC to new heights in their inaugural season.

Kilgour, says he now supports the West Coast Rangers and Auckland FC, reflecting his deep commitment to local sports development.